EAS Professor Jen Glass featured at GT Horizons

The article 'Behind the Iron Curtain: How Methane-Making Microbes Kept the Early Earth Warm' exposes research on methane interaction over earth's temperature. 

To read the article visit http://www.rh.gatech.edu/news/590491/behind-iron-curtain-how-methane-making-microbes-kept-early-earth-warm

Jennifer Glass

Dr. Jennifer Glass joined the GT faculty in fall 2013 as Assistant Professor in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences with a courtesy appointment in Biology. She earned BSc degrees in Earth Sciences and Oceanography from the University of Washington, a Ph.D. in Geological Sciences from Arizona State University, and was awarded a NASA Astrobiology Postdoctoral Fellowship at Caltech. Her research focuses on the geochemistry and microbiology of methane and nitrogen in context of the global biochemical cycles and their significance in diverse ecosystems. Since arrival at GT, she was awarded $849,858 in NASA and NSF funding as PI and $1,808,339 as co-PI, published or submitted seven manuscripts to peer-reviewed journals, and became an Associate Editor for Frontiers in Microbiology. She also gave 15 invited presentations on GT research, and led the creation of the new annual Southeastern Biogeochemistry Symposium, now in its third year.


Photo: Georgia Tech Research Horizons