EAS Seminar Schedule

Seminars are held on Thursdays from 10:55-11:50 AM (except where noted) in the Charles H. Jones Auditorium (L1205) in the Ford ES&T Building.  For more information, please contact the Main Office at (404) 894-3893 or the speaker host (listed below).

Organizer: Drs. Britney Schmidt & Yuanzhi Tang

Fall 2017

Thursday, August 31                    Monica Maceira, University of Tennessee, Knoxville     (Host: Zhigang Peng)

Thursday, September 14              Sarah Aarons, University of Michigan     (Host: Kim Cobb)

Thursday, September 21              Yi Ming, Princeton University     (Host: Yi Deng)

Thursday, September 28              Chris German, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute     (Host: Britney Schmidt)

Thursday, October 5                     Angie Knapp, Florida State University     (Host: Jennifer Glass)

Thursday, October 12                   Jeffrey W. Krause, University of South Alabama     (Host: Yuanzhi Tang)

Thursday, October 19                   Rutt Bridges, Alumni of the Year, GA Tech     (Host: Lucas Liuzzo)

Thursday, October 26                   Cliff Riebe, University of Wyoming     (Host: Ken Ferrier)

Thursday, November 2                 Jiafu Mao, Oak Ridge National Library     (Host: Yi Deng)

Thursday, November 16               Guoqing Lin, University of Miami     (Host: Zhigang Peng)

Thursday, November 30               Bob Hazen, Carnegie Science Geophysical Laboratory     (Host: Chris Reinhard)

Thursday, December 7                 Sylvain Barbot, Earth Observatory of Singapore     (Host: Andy Newman)



Spring 2017

January 19

Zhengyu Liu, University of Wisconsin - Madison, Madison, Wisconsin.

March 9

Kurt Konhauser, University o f Alberta, Edmonton, Canada (host: Jennifer Glass).

April 13

Caroline Ummerhofer, Woods Hole Oceanic Institution, Falmouth, Massachusetts.