Graduate Student of the month: Hussein Sayani

Hussein Sayani is a PhD candidate and NSF Graduate Research Fellow working with Dr. Kim Cobb.  He received his B.S. in Earth and Atmospheric Science from Georgia Tech and studies paleoclimatology. 

Hussein specializes in using fossil corals to investigate past climate changes. The tropical Pacific has as profound impact on global temperature and rainfall patterns. However, natural climate variability in this region of the world remains poorly understood due to the scarcity of historical temperature, rainfall, and wind observations. His work focuses on using fossil corals to provide independent records of temperature and hydrology variability in the central tropical Pacific over the last 400 years. These records will provide much-needed constraints on natural climate variability in the tropical Pacific, allowing researchers to identify human-driven climate trends and improve regional climate predictions. 

In his spare time, Hussein enjoys baking, hiking, working out and concerts.