Workshop on Climate Science Needed to Support Robust Adaptation Decisions

When:  February 6-7, 2013
Where:  Georgia Tech Campus, Atlanta, GA - Workshop Logistics
Workshop Program
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This Workshop addresses the recognized gap between what science is currently providing in terms of information about climate variability and change and the information desired by decision makers, whether in government or business, to make robust development and adaptation plans for managing climate-related risks and responding to opportunities. The Workshop brings together experts on decision making under uncertainty and climate change adaptation with leading climate dynamicists and modelers that are engaged in decision support. The focus is on timescales out to 2050 and regional scales.

Towards bridging the gap between climate information (supply) and decision making (demand) on regional and decadal time scales, the following questions emerge:

•       Are decision makers asking the right questions related to climate variability and change?
•       Are climate scientists answering questions of relevance to decision makers?
•       What questions are we not asking?
•       What are the institutional structures, decision processes, and modes of engagement among information users and producers that allows us to ask and answer the right questions about actionable climate information?

The objectives of the workshop are to:

i.      Identify strategies that can help bridge the gap between climate information (supply) and decision making (demand) on regional and decadal time scales;
ii.     Explore the potential for new collaborations between UK-US;
iii.    Identify future research priorities and strategies.

The Workshop is invitation only, to promote extensive discussion.   However, Workshop presentations will be made publicly available on a web site and a summary of the content will prepared by the Workshop organizers.

Organizing Committee

  • Simon Buckle, co chair:  The Grantham Institute for Climate Change, Imperial College
  • Judith Curry, co chair: Georgia Institute of Technology and Climate Forecast Applications Network
  • Robert Lempert:  Rand Corporation
  • Roger Pulwarty:  Earth Systems Research Laboratory, NOAA
  • Rob Wilby: Lonborough University

Confirmed Participants


Support for the Workshop is being provided by Georgia Tech, the UK Commonwealth and Foreign Office, the British Consulate General-Atlanta, Climate Forecast Applications Network, The Grantham Institute for Climate Change, NOAA