"This has been a bellwether event" Faculty Member Kim Cobb in AP article


Dr. Kim Cobb was recently featured in an Associated Press article on El Nino written by Seth Borenstein.  It discusses the end of the latest El Nino, one of the strongest on record.

EAS Blog: That’s No Moon…


Could the ice shelves on our planet help us unlock the secrets of alien life on other planets? Dr. Britney Schmidt and her research team think so. Over the course of several expeditions to the McMurdo Ice Shelf in Antarctica, she explores the possible ways in which microbial life flourishes in this frigid, harsh environment. Europa, the smallest of Jupiter's Galilean moons, exhibits similar characteristics to those found among our ice shelves, meaning that Europa could potentially harbor the same kinds of life that call those ice shelves home.

Faculty member Annalisa Bracco in Nature Geoscience


Professor Annalisa Bracco is co-author of the paper “Oceanic transport of surface meltwater from the southern Greenland ice sheet”, currently in Nature Geoscience. 

Faculty member Kim Cobb interviewed on the Today Show


Faculty member Kim Cobb was interviewed on the Today Show on April 23 about coral reefs dying because of El Nino.


Faculty member Britney Schmidt selected by NASA for the Science Definition Team for the next major space telescope.


Assistant Professor Britney E. Schmidt has been selected to be on the Science Definition Team for the next major space telescope.  The three-year term will allow Dr. Schmidt to have input on the direction of the next decade of Astrophysics research.

Huber research group published in Nature Online


Former postdoctoral fellow Andrea Parmigiani, Ph.D. candidates Salah Faroughi and Yanqing Su, and associate professor Chris Huber were published in Nature for their paper  “Bubble accumulation and its role in the evolution of magma reservoirs in the upper crust”

PhD student Amanda Cavazos wins award


Earth & Atmospheric Sciences 2nd year PhD student Amanda Cavazos was awarded Second Place Best Talk for her presentation "Abiotic nitrous oxide production: A Kinetic and Field Study" at the 3rd Annual Southeastern Biogeochemistry Symposium? (website: 

EAS faculty members receive promotions


Earth & Atmospheric Sciences is pleased to announce the promotions of faculty members Joe Dufek, Chris Huber, and Zhigang Peng.  Joe Dufek has been promoted to Professor.  Chris Huber has been granted tenure and promoted to Associate Professor.  Zhigang Peng has been promoted to Professor.  All promotions are affective Fall 2016.