CLC BIO Genomics WorkBench Questionnaire

This form is intended to survey the interest and need for CLC BIO Genomic Workbench. Please fill out the survey with as much information, so we can provide the vendor with the relevant information. This information has been requested by the vendor to determine the type of license that needs to be purchased. If you have questions regarding the software please refer to

Contact Information
Please provide the number of workstations with the type of Operating System (ie: Windows, Mac OS, or Linux), Hard Drive Space, and amount of Memory.
BIO Cluster
What are the top NGS applications that should be addressed by a commercial solution?
We would like to know a bit about your existing capabilities and practices in analysis of the applications above. Please fill in a description of the technology and/or workflow(s) you currently implement to handle the analysis of the applications above.
Sequecing Platforms
Obejective of Evaluation