How a Moon Slows the Decay of Pluto’s Atmosphere

Laboratory Technician in Dr. Liang Han’s laboratory

A laboratory technician position is available in Dr. Liang Han’s laboratory in the School of Biological Sciences at Georgia Institute of Technology. Dr. Han’s group uses a combination of molecular genetic, immunohistochemical, fluorescence imaging and behavioral approaches to understand how the nervous system receives, transmits and interprets various stimuli to induce physiological and behavioral responses. We are interested in the basic mechanisms underlying somatosensation, including pain, itch and mechanical sensations.

Lab Tech I or II (Tech Temp)

The Stewart lab is looking to hire a part-time temporary laboratory technician (Lab Tech I or II) to assist in molecular, and microbiological applications and field sampling.  Anticipated duties include sample collection from marine environments; DNA/RNA extractions, purification, and quantitation; PCR and quantitative PCR; clone library analysis; library prep for high throughput sequencing; and computational analysis of sequence data.  Expertise in these methods is required, as is rigorous attention to detail and record keeping, efficiency, and demonstrated problem-solving skills

Experimental Postdoctoral Position in High Throughput Small Molecule Ligand Screening

Outstanding postdoctoral applicants are sought with the following qualifications to work with Dr. Jeffrey Skolnick in the Center for the Study of Systems Biology in the School of Biological Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology:

Research Technician IV(0171859)


Job Purpose: Provide advanced professional level support to a school or research laboratory within the Institute in conducting and reporting results of often highly complex tests and experiments. Includes leading or coordinating experiment design, lab testing processes and analysis and presentation of data.

Major Responsibilities:

Evolutionary Microbiology Brown Lab

Multiple postdoc and grad student positions are available in the Brown lab as part of a recent move to the Georgia Institute of Technology. I am interested in candidates with experience in computational and/or experimental approaches relevant to the study of microbial dynamics, and with interests overlapping with the following research themes –

Create Account / New Employee

Use this form to create a new GT Account for a new employee. If the person is or will be an employee then their passwords will be given out by OHR when they fill out their paperwork. If the person needs a password now then exceptions will be made. Temporary passwords expire after 48 hours. This form does not create accounts but sends a request to School of Biological Sciences IT support for accounts to be created.


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