Meteorology Minor

The Meteorology minor aims to broaden students’ perspectives on physical and dynamical processes governing various weather and climate phenomena. In addition, some of the courses provide in depth discussion of weather/climate hazards and global/regional climate change, which will benefit the students if they are planning careers in environmental consulting, public policy, economic planning and risk management.

Environmental Chemistry Minor

Environmental chemistry studies the sources, reactions, transport, effects, and fates of chemical species in natural systems: water, soil, and air. The School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences minor in Environmental Chemistry is aimed at those students interested in an interdisciplinary field that seeks to understand and address environmental problems within the context of chemical systems.

5 Year B.S./M.S.

EAS offers a 5-year BS/MS Program.

BS with Research Option

The BS in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences with Research Option allows students to emphasize their interest in research. To complete the Research Option in the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences students must:

Degree Requirements

Detailed Degree Requirements

Suggested 8 semester schedules for specialized interests:


EAS offers 7 minors:

Getting Involved in Undergraduate Research

The first step in looking into research is to know who is doing research that interests you. To read about the research that the different EAS faculty do, visit our faculty web pages. Once you find a professor whose research interest you:


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