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Apollo 11's Saturn V rocket launches July 16, 1969 (Photo by NASA)

A group of Georgia Tech researchers, and an alumnus with a front-row seat to history, remember Apollo 11.

Kazumi Ozaki and Christopher Reinhard

Photosynthesizers using water, which releases oxygen, could not compete with those using iron.

Thwaites Glacier's outer edge

Instability hidden within Antarctic ice is likely to accelerate its flow into the ocean and push sea level up at a more rapid pace than previously expected.

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05 to 09

One-week bootcamp introduces data management and visualization, data modeling, deep learning, and scientific programming in Python.


Frontiers in Science Lecture celebrating the periodic table, with Monica Halka, Georgia Tech Honors Program


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The School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Georgia Tech invites applications for tenure-track faculty positions in Solid Earth Geosciences/Planetary Sciences and Atmospheric Chemistry/Aerosols & Clouds.

Evolution of Complex Life Conference

Registration is now open for the 2019 Evolution of Complex Life conference! Apply Now.

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New Interdisciplinary Graduate Program

Weather Underground PWS KGAATLAN214

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EAS Weather and Seismic Stations